Waste Transfer Station For The Limerick Region

Waste Transfer Station For The Limerick RegionA transfer station is a facility where solid waste, collected from households is transferred from refuse collection vehicles (RCV's) to larger transport vehicles for haul to the final disposal treatment site. The main purpose of a transfer station is to reduce the costs of waste collection and disposal by minimising the number of vehicle trips necessary to transport waste from households to landfill.

TES was appointed in September 1997 by Limerick County Council to carry out the design, site selection and supervision of construction of a solid waste transfer station, Civic Amenity Site and public education centre to serve Limerick City and County.

The Study included for the selection of a suitable site, the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement and Waste Licence Application and the preparation of detailed design and contract documents for the facility with a design capacity of 50,000 tonnes per annum. The waste licence for the facility was granted by the EPA on May 1st 1999 becoming one of the first transfer stations to be awarded a licence in Ireland.